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More than 10 years after Walmart dropped its controversial plan for the site, a new developer is eyeing the greenspace.

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Public Park or Private Profit?

The project is being spearheaded by Ed Armstrong and Cyndi Tarapani, Commissioner Townsend Tarapani’s Stepmom.

Please help the Mayor and City Commissioners decide if this should be a park or an apartment complex by contacting the Tarpon Springs City Commission before Tuesday night’s meeting at 6:30pm 12/15/20 or by attending the meeting in person.

Please give the Mayor and Commissioners your opinion, they want to hear from you!

To attend the meeting, you can attend in person at city hall, call, connect via Zoom, or write an Email

Send Emails to: [email protected] and copy [email protected] please ask that your email be read into the record at the meeting.

Facts about the proposed Development

This is the same property Wal-Mart wanted to develop in 2004 and after Tarpon Springs citizens united to stop them, they ended up moving into the abandoned K-Mart store in 2010.

Reasons a 400 unit apartment complex is bad for Tarpon Springs

  • We object to the increase in TRAFFIC! FDOT estimates it generating  2,400 additional car trips on U.S. Highway 19N daily.  Residents of this development heading southbound will need to cut across four lanes of traffic to U-turn at the light on Beckett Way (by B-21).
  • We object to the FLOODING caused by the proposed destruction and degradation of wetlands.
  • We object to the proposed disturbance of two Bald Eagles Nests.
  • We object to the requested variance to increase Height restrictions on these buildings. High rise apartment buildings do not fit with Tarpon Springs charm and character.
  • We object to the deforestation of over 1,000 trees to make room for parking lots.
  • We object to the destruction of 30+ Gopher tortoises that live on site.
  • We object to the pollution caused by parking lot runoff into into the Anclote River.

We propose the land be preserved as a public park as originally promised by the City Commission and Mayor.

The city can earn revenue from parking, boat/kayak rentals and a snack shack.

Thank you for your support,

Chris Hrabovsky
Save Tarpon Tarpon Springs – Vice Chair

The Next BOC meeting regarding the Walmart property and Anclote

Board of Commissioners – Continuation #2 of January 15, 2021 Regular Session

January 15th 2021 – 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm

View the City Commission Agenda Item 15 Anclote Harbor: https://www.ctsfl.us/board-of-commissioners-agenda/

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